St. Monica's Catholic High School Class of 1968
Alumni with Morphs

Diane Adamson
Brother Alfred
Nicola Brewin
Rose Marie Caruso
Mary Centeno
Leatrice Chiquette
Ken Clason
Martin Connelly
Margaret Corcoran
Joseph Costello
James Cota
Barbara Cresto
Kris Dahlin
John Delfino
Mary DiMeglio
Jean Ekstromer
Margaret Engler
James Fryer
Elizabeth Henry
John Hummer
Denise La Belle
Virginia Lennon
James Marshall
Peter McBreen
Edmond McDonald
Donna McGuirk
James McMullen
Cathy Meade
John Mukri
Ron Nachtwey
Barney Palmatier
Terry Powers
Vicki Rowland
Thomas Roze
Jane Saporito
Richard Shumny
Peter Sikli
Teresita Sosa
Anthony Zoccali
Welcome Class of 1968 to the Morphing Project

Here you'll find pictures from our 1968 yearbook morphing into the portraits Ron Nachtway took at our 50th reunion in 2018, and then back again. Stare and reminisce about all that went between.

Rather than focus on the wrinkles, consider how many of them are laugh lines. Think of how they are notches counting the wonder, miracles, and love showered on so many days in between. And give a quiet moment to our school pals who were not gifted the wrinkles.

Nonetheless, I do not presume that you will like what I have produced. Shoot me an email to remove yours and I'll do it immediately, no questions asked. Otherwise, enjoy and keep your info current by sending me the occasional email so we have excuses to reach out to one another.

Peter Shikli (Sikli)

PS: If Ron didn't take a picture of you, email me a current snapshot composed like your yearbook portrait, and I'll do the deed.