St. Monica's Catholic High School Class of 1968

Martin Connelly

1968 - 2018
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My History
Went to Loyola -Marymount Univ., graduated with a BA in Communication Arts. Didn’t want to join the career working world right away, so moved to Mammoth Mtn for 3 years 1972-1975 working at the ski area and skiing a lot! Worked construction during the off seasons.

Moved back to the LA area finding out that the TV & film industry is a cut throat profession that I didn’t want to join. Got into the messenger / delivery service, first as a driver then into dispatching & management from 1975-1992.Took off for 4 months in 1978 to go to Greece to just travel around & do photography.

In 1979, I met the love of my life- Cathy. Proposed to her 6 weeks after meeting her, married after 5 months & have been happily married now for 39 years.

In 1992 we relocated to Vermont so as not to have our 2 kids, Bryan & Jessica, grow up in So Cal. Worked as operations manager for a logistics company warehousing computer parts for IBM (VT’s #1 business) as well as medical deliveries for the state’s hospitals and the Red Cross. Also got very involved in ice hockey; playing in adult leagues, and got both our kids involved, and was able to coach both of them thru high school. Coached our daughter to win the state high school championship in her senior year. She was the goalie & won the MVP for the state championship tournament.

Moved back to CA in 2011 to help care for my wife’s mother because of health issues. Then after her passing in 2017, we moved back to Vermont in July 2018 to be back with our 2 grandkids.

And now I can finally say I’m pretty much retired, but helping a friend run an adult hockey league. So,very happy to be back in Vermont & anyone who visits this beautiful state are welcome at our place in St Albans. So glad to be able to attend our 50th reunion.

Current Interests
As for the future, just want to relax & spend more time with my wife & grandkids. Travel around Vermont & do photography & watch the grandkids grow up. And maybe every once in a while make a trip to So Cal to visit friends.

Contact Info
Marty Connelly
PO Box 1046
St. Albans, VT 05478
Marty Connelly
15 James Circle
St. Albans, VT 05478
Cell: 951-285-1214